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Foremost among these are the Roads of Avalon

After months of previews and dev blogs, .

The highly-awaited Albion Online Rise of Avalon update is finally on the game servers

The main selling point of the update is the new Roads of Avalon system that lets players quickly travel between connected zones via gateways and introduces a new explorable area called the Wilderness of Avalon.

“This update brings numerous new features and improvements to the world of Albion

Foremost among these are the Roads of Avalon, a massive, shifting network of paths entered via gateways that spawn in the open world.

The Roads of Avalon have three major components

They can be used for travel and transport, and to launch or escape attacks.
The area outside the roads.

Known as the Wilderness of Avalon

offers a whole new realm to explore with treasures, resource sites, and new creatures.
Additionally, smaller guilds looking for a home away from the politics and territory warfare of the Outlands can place Hideouts and live within the Roads of Avalon.” The update also comes with the new PvEvP Corrupted Dungeons, new Avalonian loot, a revamped PvE progression board, improved UI, and quality-of-life improvements for spells and crafting.
There’s also a brand new trailer waiting for you after the jump.

More info can also be found on the Albion Online official site

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