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Please check out the job postings on the Kingdom Jobs page

Not a whole lot to report for the month of June.

As has been announced on the RUM website

they are doing a little bit of a structure change to eRUM.

This will help with scheduling and keeping track of the eRUM offerings

So, go take a look at that if you haven’t already.
Also, please continue to remember to help each other out, be kind, check-in, ask how others are doing, and support others’ projects.
We have a truly lovely community and we can’t get through this alone, even if it means being together separately.     Please consider nominating an artisan to be featured in the “Have You Met?” profiles.
Each month will have a different theme.
If you are considering having in-person A&S meetings, the requirements for such from Their Majesties, created per the CDC guidelines, can be found here:
Remember, we want to see everyone’s smiling faces when this is over so I would ask that everyone please err on the side of caution if you have any doubts about your safety or the safety of others.     The South Oaken Regional MOAS position will be coming available this summer and I am looking for an Emergency Deputy (or two).
Please check out the job postings on the Kingdom Jobs page.     Maestra Sarai Tindall SoglianoMidrealm [email protected] The post KMOAS Letter in The Pale – August 2020 appeared first on Midrealm.


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